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By Becky Pickrel
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Yesterday was a different kind of photo-op. It took place in a location that I personally need to quit shying away from......the gym. 


I have a few of "those" friends whom I tend to view with a touch of envy (in a healthy, admirable way). They are friends dedicated and disciplined to living a healthy lifestyle in all arenas of their lives and happen to like that whole gym vibe. 

Meet Sarah. Sarah is the author of two successful health / fitness blogs, The Fit Cookie and Fit Betty. I borrowed a portion of her ABOUT ME section right off of the blog: "I am a wife, mom of 2,, ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, Zumba Instructor, PiYo instructor, healthy food blogger (The Fit Cookie), a FitFluential and Sweat Pink Ambassador! I love fitness and nutrition and my goal is to help people reach their health and fitness goals while having fun! I enjoy rock climbing, Zumba, weight lifting, running, plyometrics, power lifting, occasionally CrossFit, and any new exercises I can get my hands on. I am a bit of a ‘fraidy cat and an introvert, so I have to constantly nudge myself to step out of my comfort zone on a regular basis. Uncomfortable yes, but definitely worth it!"


Sarah was such a great sport yesterday. For over an hour she worked out in various capacities just so I could catch her in action. And even though she says she has to push herself out of her comfort zone, she never acted awkward while I was taking her pictures. In fact, she was so focused that at one point I was lying on the floor with my camera right in her face and she never broke her concentration. This girl is intense when she works out. 

For more information on Sarah and her amazing blog, FIT BETTY, click ~HERE~

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Sarah Jane @ Fit Betty - Thanks so much for the photos Becky! I had such a fun time with you :)