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Investing in a professional photographer can be beneficial for several reasons, and here are a few.

1. Quality and expertise: We have the skills, knowledge, and experience to capture high-quality images. We understand composition, lighting, angles, and post-processing techniques to ensure your photos look their best. Even if we are self-taught, we continue with training and education to become the best we can be in order to create the best for you.

2. Professional equipment: Just having an expensive camera does not equate to a great photo. Having said that, having professional cameras, lenses, lighting equipment, and editing software can make a huge difference when creating images that will last for generations to come.

3 Creativity and artistic vision: We bring a unique, artistic perspective to our work. We can envision and create shots that truly capture the essence, emotion, and beauty of the subject. We also have a knack for finding unique angles, backdrops, and compositions that make the photos that much more memorable.

4. Specialized knowledge: We tend to specialize in various genres such as portraits, weddings, landscapes, food, fashion, or commercial photography. By investing with a photographer who specializes in your desired area, your images will align with your vision and objectives. It’s one of the reasons I put so many examples of my work on the website. Plus, I think they are just awesome images. 

5. Lasting memories: Professional photographs often become cherished mementos that you can treasure for a lifetime. They capture significant moments, emotions, and milestones that fade with time. Investing in professional photography ensures you have high-quality images that can be displayed, shared, passed down through generations, and serve as a reminder of special times in your life. I think this quote says it the very best: “If you don't think photos are important, wait until they're all you have left.” – Missy Mwac


6. We are legit: We pay taxes, carry insurance, go to classes, upgrade equipment and software, tromp through woods, fall into creeks, shoot when it's hot, shoot when it's cold, make silly faces and dumb noises for a smile, panic when our battery isn't charged or can't find a memory card. We are emotional and work hard because we desperately want you to love our work. It's our passion and purpose. 

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