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"Becky was so amazing to work with in every way possible. She made us feel comfortable (even my husband who hates pictures haha). Not only were we comfortable but she made the sessions full of laughter and enjoyment, usually at her own expense and once you do a session with her you’ll also understand. She has such a gift for photography and she will meet or exceed any expectations. Each session is unique in the way she captures what’s important to you."


"Becky has been such a fun photographer to work with. She creatively uses the space, props, and styling to create artistic images.  Becky also values quality. We did one photoshoot where she was not satisfied with how the images turned out and was willing to re-do the shoot for me. "


"Becky is so much fun to work with.  She is so complementary and full of great & original ideas. She has taken our family pictures for several years and I look forward to the end results because they always turn out so well.  She even encourages including pets if you so desire. She has great locations and my boys enjoyed working with her for their senior pictures. She has a flair for capturing each person’s personality and bringing out the best in her photography."


"Becky is beyond amazing at what she does!

She is professional and always amazing with timing on getting pictures to you. She is creative and different in such an amazing way with her art. She makes her customers feel comfortable at all times! Thank you Becky for always providing such an amazing experience!"


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