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Haiti is often labeled the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Because adult illiteracy is so high, at least 50% of all adults and as high as 90% in rural areas, many Haitians spend a lifetime disenfranchised from basic services, property ownership and political processes.
The Mission Haiti is a non-profit organization that started 9 years ago with 15 sponsored students. Now, over 1,000 beautiful children are enrolled in the scholarship program.
I partner with THE Mission Haiti, Inc. in a couple of ways. My husband and I personally sponsor three students, two of them now for the sixth year. I've also taken trips to Haiti where I've  worked with the organization, taking  photos for updates, sponsors, websites, student I.D.s
This is an organization that has a proven record of success, has credibility within the nation and bears lasting fruit. 100% of finances given towards scholarships are applied to the student's needs. No administrative costs are taken from the scholarship funds.

Haiti's story is changing for the better and you can be a part of the change.


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